Fashion by Jeeo

yesAccording to Jeeo fashion is a language, that is why all that she creates carries a message within itself. This message is the result of continuous observation of the reality that we live in. In a time of fusion, it comes from the past and makes references to the future.

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„I travel, observe, get to know, analyze, create. Jeeo are Generative Fashion Ideas; looking for novelty and analysis of construction is a nice exercise for my brain and sheer pleasure for me.”

Jeeo reckons that we do express ourselves not only by words and thoughts but with all our hearts and bodies, therefore she sees the need for creating personalized designs. What we see nowadays is the rise of awareness in society, which is observable in the people’s self-creation.

„Increasingly we focus more on creating our own style instead of looking for the trends, therefore, Made-To-Measure designs and Bespoke are not only the best alternative for mass-fashion, but also the best way to finding our personal style.”

Jeeo is recognized by her clients as well as by international fashion communities. The ultimate concept collection Logo Space was described as bold, brave and confident version of femininity, exact for strong individualities.